Caring for students

Healthy Kids

Mortdale Public School actively promotes the five steps to a healthy lifestyle:

  • Choose water as a drink - Water consumption in a refillable bottle is the norm. The school has installed a special tap for the specific purpose of refilling bottles.

  • Getting active - In addition to explicit instruction in fundamental movement skills through Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum, students participate in the Premier's Sporting Challenge and are visited by a variety of representatives from sporting codes such as AFL, netball, soccer, rugby league, Little Athletics and cricket.

  • Eating more fruit and vegetables

  • Eating fewer snacks and selecting healthier alternatives - Nutrition is taught across the school. Children are positively recognised if they bring healthy food to eat at school. The environmental benefits of bringing such food to school are also publicly applauded. Students put recycling into effect by having to make choices when they dispose of their waste - to put it in "the dump" bin or the "recyclable" bin.

  • Turn off TV or computer and get active - In 2009 the school will participate in the Live Outside the Box project which asks students to record and reflect on their leisure choices.

Our school environment welcomes and respects people from all backgrounds.

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